Modi, Multibaggers, Wealth creation!!

We do not wish to make any political comment, however it is very clear that Modi is a result-oriented person. He is determined to take India on high growth path and in the process he is trying to overcome all the obstacles like moving towards majority in Rajya Sabha.
Whether he gets re-elected as a Prime Minister or not in the next term, one thing is very clear that next 2 years are going to be full of action. The  Game changer, in the history of India, GST will be implemented soon.
We can expect growing  Indian Economy for next many years. The momentum of country’s growth will continue irrespective of who come to power next. 
We see, next few extraordinary years for Indian Economy and hence for Share Market. 

Further, We at Stocksbazaar are confident of sensex crossing  30,000 mark immediately and 40000 soon. It is giving good opportunity of building a lasting portfolio.
We recommend that those who had missed the chance earlier and are thinking of investing to reap the benefits of Stock Market should jump in immediately.

Act now to create a lasting portfolio of great growth Stocks.
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Our stock selection process and recommendations of last 5 years have proved to be amongst the best!
We had recommended Ajanta Pharma @Rs.43/- on 20.01.12 (Price adjusted for Bonus and Splits). In 5 years, the recommendation has multiplied investment by more than 40 times, now quoting Rs.1750/-. It had made a high of 2150.

Here is a special report by ET. The best performing stock during last 5 years is Ajanta Pharma. 
Quiet performers: 10 fastest wealth creators of Dalal Street in last 5 years
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If you invest in fundamentally strong small and mid cap companies with a medium to long term horizon, you get rewarded for sure that too in a big way. Ajanta Pharma is classic example of "Buy Right and Sit Tight" strategy. Have a look at our Past and Current Recommendations.
Issuance of bonus shares and splits have been good moves by the company. It indicates that the company is investor friendly and the management has confidence in future outlook of business.