Market gives Opportunities, Its now or Never!!

We trust you are taking maximum possible advantage of the current market opportunities. 


1. We recommend only those stocks which are fundamentally sound and which become even more valuable at lower prices. Please don't believe in stop loss for these strong shares.

2. We are very confident of our recommendations and projections. Hence, keep accumulating at every opportunity which may be available for some more time due to global factors.You can keep accumulating more and more quantity as the prices fall. However, value of a single company should not form more than 8% of your total portfolio value.
3. You can put in more money to buy shares as the prices fall, taking advantage of the opportunity or if you do not want to put in more money, you can change horses. That means selling a little quantity of some shares which has not fallen much/has gone up and buying those which have fallen much more (keeping in mind the medium-term and long-term projections given by us against each stocks).