**** Yes, The Best Performing Stock of Last 5 years was Picked up by Us. ***We had recommended Ajanta Pharma @Rs.43/- on 20.01.12. In 5 years, the recommendation has multiplied investment by more than 40 times, Now quoting Rs.1750/-. It had made a high of 2150.
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Our Services

Consistent Multipliers

Companies trying to grow consistently. Will be lesser sensitive to news, earnings fluctuations  in short term. Suitable for medium and long term investors. One can hope to be a part of 10-50 bagger stocks.

Aggressive Multipliers

Companies trying to grow aggressively. Will be more sensitive to news, earnings fluctuations in short term. Suitable for long term investors. One can hope to be a part of 20-200 bagger stocks.

Value Buys

Stocks available at low prices v/s their present intrinsic worth. Will be more sensitive to news, earnings in short term. Suitable for short/ medium term investors only.

Mixed Bag

Some more promising stocks and some recommendations out of above 3 categories.

All of above services

Bundled package of Consistent Multipliers, Aggressive Multipliers, Value Buys and Mixed Bag


“I started at the age of 11 and it was too late” - Warren Buffet

There have been multiple stocks that have multiplied investors wealth by more than 25/50/100/500 folds in a span of few years. Some examples are TCS, Pidilite,HDFC, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra, Blue Dart, Supreme Ind. Titan, TTK Prestige, Cera, Hawkins, Infosys, Wim Plast (Cello), Relaxo, Eicher, Crompton Greaves, Hero Moto, Sun Pharma, Asian Paints, Amara Raja, Lupin, Shree Cement, Dr.Reddys, Aurobindo Pharma, Astral, Page Ind. Havells, Wipro etc.

One example I recall of the year 2000-2002. Based on our advice many of our known people had purchased shares of Eicher Motors between the price range of INR20-50. During our visits to Eicher factory, it was always clearly visible that the company was a very professional and forward looking. Eicher did not miss opportunity to buy out Enfield when Enfield was struggling. It later partnered with Volvo. All these and more steps have proved to be very successful.
On checking the current share price of Eicher one can notice the mind boggling returns that it has generated. Rs.35,000 invested then for buying 1000 shares is worth Rs.180 lakhs today for all those investors who kept shares for long term. – As told by Mr. Akhilesh Jain, B.E. (Hons)- Bits Pilani, PGDIE- NITIE Mumbai, Shareguru since 30 years.

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